This clock works, it never misses a beat or is out of time. The musicians brought our score to life and the clockwork team made the experience effortless and truly magical. I could not recommend these talented bunch enough. Oh and the venue.... well you just have to go there to see it for yourself.

Mark Anthony Arrigo - Director

"I was really impressed by the Scottish Session Orchestra, their hard work, focussed commitment and wonderful playing. It was a pleasure to perform with them."

Craig Armstrong - Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby

The Clockwork musicians that you have the opportunity to work with are absolutely phenomenal. Not to mention Kobus and Adam are terrific partners. I had a great time recording a concert work with them and the audio and video turned out fantastic.

Chris Pilsner - Composer USA

I was thoroughly inspired by the standard of players and personnel to really throw everything at my arrangement with the full confidence that the music would be executed flawlessly and with passion! As I was singing alongside the ensemble, I got to experience the fantastic warmth and tone of these incredible musicians first-hand! I'm delighted with the results - a recording of the highest quality!

Seoniad Aitken - 'Scottish Singer of the Year 2017/18'

This team make everything about orchestral recording seem like the easiest thing in the world with total commitment to excellence and complete support for anybody's ambitions. Adam and Kobus masterminded recording for a project I'm making with the hugely acclaimed writer Alan Moore and the choreographer Bettina Carpi and the results are staggering, far exceeding all my expectations.

Gary Lloyd - Composer UK 

Not only is the musicianship top of the game, but the energy and focus everyone brings is impressive. They are quickly going to become every MIDI composers secret weapon. Work with them. You will never regret it.

Cam Minuti-Goold - Lead Audio 8Dio

Absolutely superb team behind this.
Full marks for professionalism, standard of playing, recording quality....the whole package!
Very friendly, enthusiastic and approachable which really helps too. Highly recommended!

Chris Thompson - Singer, Bathers UK

Fantastic experience with Clockwork. Very easy to work with. Great sounding recording quality and top-notch players. I was able to connect with them online and listen/interact while they were recording the section for my song. I thought of a couple of dynamic and note changes I wanted to change as I was listening and they did it on-the-spot. Definitely recommended!

John Boegehold - Composer - USA

Incredible experience overall with my string quartet recording! I really enjoyed sitting remotely through the recording and listening to my music coming to life. Amazing performers, great recording quality and ease of communication is what makes Clockwork Sessions highly recommendable!

Markus Martincic - Composer - Japan