Outlaw King -  Soundtrack recorded in Scotland with Clockwork Sessions

Outlaw King - Soundtrack recorded in Scotland with Clockwork Sessions

  • World Class talent, studios, and engineers

  • UK Film & Tv tax relief incentives

  • lower production costs than london

  • Full Royalty Buy Out (PACT & BPI)

Recording your soundtrack in the UK with Clockwork Sessions offers you world-class musicians, engineers, competitive production costs, and might also qualify you for the 25% UK Film and TV tax relief if part of the overall production budget (10%) is spent in the UK. You also have full royalty buyouts with all our recording.

As part of the UK, production is booming in Scotland. Film and TV producers spent a record $64m (£52.7m) shooting in the country in 2015, marking an increase in total annual production spend of almost $38.5m (£30m) since 2007 (Sony’s Outlander series is just one key booster). Netflix plan to spend £6.1million on UK production this year alone.

Screen Scotland recently featured us on their website here

Brodie Pringle, head of Creative Scotland’s Screen Commission, notes it is more than the breathtaking locations that bring productions to Scotland. “What’s changing, with the tax reliefs and our top-up incentives, is that we’re finding productions are basing here in their entirety,”

For more information on the tax relief please visit the British Film Commission website here or get in touch with us here.