Recording Session Services

We work with some of the leading musicians in Scotland and the UK from the classical, jazz and traditional genres. Using our own specialist recording orchestra, the Scottish Session Orchestra, we offer custom and shared sessions to cater for large and small projects.

Our production team consists of producers, arrangers, orchestrators and engineers (including Grammy Award winning David Donaldson) to provide the backbone of any recording project. All sessions can be attended in person or remotely, in real time over Source-Live.

Recent productions have included Netflix film Outlaw King, 2 soundtracks for composer Brendan Woithe, an advert for Famous Grouse, U.S Audio company 8Dio, 'Scottish Jazz Singer of the Year' Seonaid Aitken's upcoming album, works by Gary Lloyd for acclaimed author Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Watchmen), Chris Pilsner, and ECM jazz pianist Kit Downes.