Music Production Services

  • Orchestral Recording Sessions for Film, TV, Game and Audio.

  • Clients include: Sigma Film, Sony Pictures, Netflix, Famous Grouse, Craig Armstrong and 8Dio.

  • Production team includes Grammy Award winning recording engineer David Donaldson

  • Orchestra contracting for the Scottish Session Orchestra.

  • World class musicians, recording studios, and halls

  • 25% UK Film and High End TV Tax relief incentives

Clockwork Sessions is a music production company of industry professionals providing high end recording for Film, TV, Games and Audio. Holding regular shared and custom sessions using our own specialist recording orchestra, we specialise in providing a wide range of services from score preparation and orchestra contracting, to production and mastering, to ensure a fast turnaround and seamless production of your music. Clients include Sigma Films, Sony Pictures, Netflix, 8Dio, Famous Grouse, Craig Armstrong, Donald Shaw, Karen Matheson, Roddy Hart, Tommy Reilly, Tony Doogan, Brendan Woithe (Klang Music), Gary Lloyd and Seonaid Aitken.

"I was really impressed by the Scottish Session Orchestra, their hard work, focussed commitment and wonderful playing. It was a pleasure to perform with them." Craig Armstrong - Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby

“This clock works, it never misses a beat or is out of time. The musicians brought our score to life and the clockwork team made the experience effortless and truly magical. I could not recommend these talented bunch enough” Mark Anthony Arrigo - Director